Message Display System

Digital Message Displays With Customized Software

The AT20 series of Vacuum Fluorescent Display Units, offer high-resolution characters presented on a flat fluorescent panel display, which can be customized to the user’s preference.   The message display units allow commands, directions, alarms and status displays.  DSCN0075-scaled-1-18-2013

Every unit is encased in a rugged container built for durability.  Customized encasing is also available on request.

Our Clients Include General Motors, Boeing and Local Ocean


The AT20 series also supports analog input capabilities, which enables the reading and displaying of various inputs from sensors. Using the Analog option gives you the ability to read analog input, while saving you money by eliminating the use of additional equipment.  The unit displays the information captured by the sensors, such as the reading of ambient temperatures, wheel speed (revolutions per minute – RPM), pressure, speed and weight.   Our clients include the automotive industry, medical, defense, aerospace facilities, fish hatcheries and automation plants.

The vacuum fluorescent message display product line is utilized by companies to improve productivity, efficiency and accuracy by not only using the message display unit but also by using the additional features and sensing tools provided also by

Fish Counter for Hatcherie

fish-counter-pic-google-1-14-13-250The AT product line now includes the FC2100 Fish Counter.  The FC2100 gathers accurate data on the number of fish and fish size, giving you the information needed for better planning and distribution to market.

Th FC2100 is a sophisticated electronic device specifically designed for counting both small and large fish on fish farms and hatcheries.

Our Fish Counter is built to:

  1. Reduce Manpower
  2. Increase Efficiency
  3. Gather accurate data on fish size and category
  4. Determine necessary feeding quantities
  5. Facilitate medical dosage
  6. Provide a safe basis for insurance assessment

The FC2100 is a non invasive counter, which makes it gentle to the fish and is untouched  by any mechanical parts.

 Vacuum Fluorescent Displays In Any Environment

The AT20 series is attractively packaged and are designed to work in harsh environments. The are immune to extreme EMI/RFI noise, which makes them suitable for applications where system reliability is the highest priority.  The AT20 series come standard in 1, 2 and 4 line displays with 20 character per line of vacuum fluorescent Electronic Operator interface PLC.

The Messages

The AT20 series has the capability to store up to 99 programmable messages and can be upgraded to a maximum capacity of 225 messages. It also can be programmed to present uppercase and lowercase lettering using 20 alphanumeric characters per line. The units can be programmed using Windows and also have the capability of displaying EC languages (French, German, Spanish and Italian).  Customization is available to support additional languages as Hebrew, Arabic etc.


The units can be interfaced to a PLC via BCD or binary parallel input or connected to any computer system via a serial port by using RS232 protocol . The logic levels supported are 5V to 24V DC, sinking or sourcing, when using parallel logic.  The unit can be powered by 120VAC, 240VAC or 12V to 24V DC or AC.

The AT209 has been designed with flexibility in mind. It is adaptable to changes in your system and operates on User-friendly software.

ABT Manufactures the AT20 Series

ABT has been manufacturing the Digital Message Displays since 1995. The Configuration Software is easy to use and gives you the ability to save multiple configurations into a file.  This way you can configure multiple units in a short time.  Easily programmable to meet all your specifications, the vacuum fluorescent display units give you a clear reading of important data from any angle, in any light, including sun light.